Why Choose Focus Specs

A vision breakthrough!

Low Cost

Perfect back up for glasses or contact lens emergencies.


Ability to instantly adjust to suit your needs… different lighting, time of day, books vs. computers, etc.

This combination of low cost and flexibility is changing the way the world deals with vision problems around the globe.

Features of Focus Specs

Helping the world to see

  • Focus Specs

    Available in 3 colors
    One size fits all
    Get clear or tinted lenses
  • AR/AS Coating

    Single layer dip coating
    80% reflection reduction
    Scratch resistant
  • Lenses

    Minus Power range:
    -1.0 to -5.0 dpt
    Plus Power range:
    +5.0to +4.5 dpt
    Not for astigmatism
  • Mechanism

    Easy Adjustable
    Linear Adjustability
    Customize each lens independently

Client Testimonials

What people are saying about our product


  •  I have had problems getting the correct prescription so I gave this a try. It works great, did a few adjustments on each lens and seconds later I'm reading small print newspaper, magazines, menus with no problem whatsoever. 
    Placed on August 31, 2015
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    Walt Palohak

  •   Very good if you have just had eye surgery on one eye and need different strengths for each eye. 
    Placed on August 31, 2015
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    G. A. Bigby

  •  These really do work! I've been having problems with my right eye. Had surgery and now I can't see near out of that eye only so I can't get anything at drugstore. These are very easy to adjust. I could read with them as soon as I adjusted them in less than 2 minutes.  
    Placed on August 31, 2015
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    Daniella Pompella

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