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About US

A product that can change the world.
According to a recent WHO study, over 1 billion people in developing countries suffer from uncorrected poor eyesight because they lack access to good vision care. Increasingly, organizations have discovered that it is not only the cost of the glasses that are a barrier to delivering solutions, but the cost of having prescriptions written first and then filled. This is the beauty of the FocusSpec product.

FocusSpecs are the combination of corrective glasses and prescriptive device. In this way, the patient can “self correct” their vision which dramatically lowers the cost of delivering basic vision care to those in need.

FocusSpecs is the US affiliate company for Focus on Vision, a non-profit located in the Netherlands that is dedicated to bringing the FocusSpec discovery to the developing world. Since its inception in 2004, Focus on Vision has delivered over 100,000 glasses worldwide. We are joining them to help substantially increase that number.

To this end, for every pair of glasses that we sell in the US, we donate a pair to Focus on Vision projects around the world. Currently, we are funding glasses for projects in Africa and Asia.

This year, our goal is to distribute 10,000 glasses in Africa. Help us get there and beyond!
To contact us to learn more about our products, company or mission, email us at