Changing how the world sees

Adjustable focus glasses


Nobel prize winning technology

As simple as the solution of adjustable focus glasses may seem, it involved making use of a physicicist's (Dr. Luis Alvarez) Nobel prize winning concept, the invention of an adjustment mechanism, the creation of an award-winning design, and the development of a cutting-edge production technology.

The result: our patented FocusSpecs® are a revolutionary technological innovation that enable anybody anywhere to fit their own spectacles, and thus correct their own vision. It's a simple as turning a dial.

A global health problem

2 500 000 000

This is the number of people for whom uncorrected refractive error (near- and far-sightedness) is drastically reducing their quality of life and limiting their personal potential….. unnecessarily. Ninety percent live in developing countries, where people lack access to eye health professionals, especially in rural areas, and cannot afford a pair of eyeglasses. And with an aging global population, and with increased usage of digital devices, the problem is getting significantly worse year after year.


The cause

In low-income countries, where most sufferers of uncorrected visual impairment live, eye health professionals are few and far between, especially in rural areas. As if that obstacle to access were not enough, how many people living on less than $2 per day can afford a pair of custom-made prescription glasses?

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